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"The pleasure I have in the world comes from drawing the bow"

Muscovy Archers is a friendly archery club local to the Liskeard/Dobwalls area. Formed in the mid-eighties, the name of the club was not inspired by Russia or Cossacks but by a flock of black and white ducks that used to share the farmyard with the aspiring archers, with little idea of the danger that they were in. Perhaps surprisingly, none of the ducks suffered any harm as the archers learnt their craft.

We have an indoor range which we meet at on Wednesday and Friday evenings each week. We also hold field archery events in various woodlands attracting archers from all over the South West. The club has a range of archery equipment which members may use and we produce our own monthly newsletter to keep everyone up to date with news and events. We also hold archery evenings for other clubs and organisations and we attend country fairs and rallies to raise funds and promote the sport.

As members of the National Field Archery Society (NFAS) we have full public liability insurance and the NFAS also issues a bi-monthly newsletter.

Open shoot 24th April 2022

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Our long anticipated open shoot went ahead on Sunday 24th April as planned. The weather behaved well for the duration of the set-up, shoot and takedown. It was a Predator and Prey shoot with twenty sets of pegs, each with two animals as the targets - forty animals in all.

Archers, standing on the target peg, first shot at the predator. They were set up to be stalking their prey and the archer had a maximum of three arrows to use on each pair of animals. Once the predator had been hit , the archers were able use any surplus arrows to shoot the prey.

The course layers did a lovely job at setting out the shots in realistic scenarios and used trees and ground features to good effect to make the shots attractive, interesting and challenging. The day went off safely and without issues and the competitors were very complimentary of the event. Muscovy prides itself on having a reputation for laying on good shoots and due both to covid and a couple of quiet years before that, this shoot was long awaited by many. With increasing number of shoots taking place now it will be good to have more shoots happening in the extreme south of the country, in future.

Medals: We're conscious that some archers like to have medals to show their success while others don't mind, so our entry flyer clarified that entrants could claim their medals if they wanted them. As we don't have everyone's address, an email to Muscovy's secretary Nick Hawken (, with details, will be sufficient to claim the trophy if required.

We’ll organise medals when numbers are confirmed, and will get them to the winners by post or delivered to their club at forthcoming shoots etc., which ever is most cost effective. That might take a little while so, please bear with us, however those that request their medals will definitely get them.