Learning field archery

If you would like to get into field archery, the first thing to do is to contact the Secretary and arrange a visit to the club. The first visit is free and we will get you shooting right away. We have a wide range of equipment to suit most ages and physiques.

The Club is affiliated to the National Field Archery Society (NFAS) and we have four NFAS trained coaches, male and female, and a Safeguarding Officer. This first session will give visitors an idea of how to proceed in future. The next step is to decide on the type of training that will suit your lifestyle. Normally it will be a formal, six week course. It is held on a Monday evening, starts at 7.30pm and lasts for two hours. It is open to juniors (10 years or over) and adults.

The format consists of a shooting session and then a break for refreshments. During the break we talk about the wide range of bows and arrows and their components, and demonstrate various skills such as fletching and string making. The second shooting session usually finishes around 9.30pm.

However if it is not possible to commit to six consecutive lessons, or if a course is not imminent, there is a less intense option which integrates the same training into normal club evenings. It is a slower route but it suits some trainees better. Please note that this route incurs extra expenses such as the cost of NFAS membership and weekly range fees.

The training aspect of both routes costs £30 per person. The final lesson is held in the wood on a Sunday morning. At the end of either training route we issue trainees with a multiple choice quiz. This is not a pass or fail thing, it just gives us the opportunity to see where we might not have explained something sufficiently. The training course is a good, solid start and enables the archer to shoot safely, with other archers, while he or she improves and gains experience.

Finally, we issue trainees with a record of their progress and a certificate. As the training course is approved by the NFAS the notes and record of progress can then be shown to the coach at any NFAS club which the archer chooses to join as evidence of completion.

If you’re interested in training head over to the contact us page and drop us a line.