Field Archery

What is field archery?

There are many different types of archery – the one with which you may be most familiar is Target Archery, with its distinctive rows of circular targets, at which lines of archers shoot, at standard distances.

We are Field Archers, we shoot in woods and our targets are set at unknown distances. They may be paper target faces depicting different creatures or, more commonly, they consist of life size, foam animals and birds.

The targets are set out in a wooded area making use of the uneven terrain to challenge the archer, by using ground with up and downhill shots. We shoot across slopes, streams and gulleys, and all between
trees and foliage.

Archers shoot in small groups and follow the paths between targets. Every target has three shooting pegs, each one closer to the target than the last, and we shoot one arrow from each until the target is hit.

When competing, we fill in scorecards and submit them at the end of the day, medals being awarded for the highest scorers.

In the NFAS there is a wide range of styles which cater for most types of bows and arrows. Men, women and juniors shoot in their own classes so that no one is disadvantaged by their age or physique.

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