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About Muscovy Archers

Muscovy Archers was founded in 1985. The name may conjure up images of Russia and Cossacks, but in fact it came about because the original members shot at a farm where there was a flock of black and white ducks, which often strutted in front of the targets, unaware of the danger.

We shoot in the Dobwalls area, near to the town of Liskeard. We have an indoor range where we meet twice a week, on Wednesday and Friday evenings.

We also have a wood where we hold club shoots on weekends and summer evenings, and where we hold open competitions which draw archers from all over the South West.

As well as shooting at the club facilities, some of our members compete at open shoots throughout the South West and beyond.

Most of our members shoot traditional bows without sights but we have experience with Olympic recurves, compound bows and crossbows, and welcome those styles in the club.

Many make their own arrows – the club has all the equipment necessary for their construction and maintenance – and some members make their own bows too.

We are affiliated to, and insured by, the National Field Archery Society and adhere to their safety and shooting rules, code of conduct and safeguarding policy.

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